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Ballad For A Belladonna, Pt.1 - text


I’ve got your .. I’ve got your number,
I will miss track of your…
And went to your work and then we had lunch,
I took it home and we had brunch.
You’re right in the park, that’s me on the back,
I’m feeling all right, but I’m not right,
Kids are getting older, we are getting younger,
So maybe one day we’ll get together.

You never promised me anything
And I told myself another good story,
The life, I’m death… it could have been just you and me must go on, I thought you should know,
So I wish you..
But I leave you there and go somewhere else.

We wrote to our friends… are a stranger to my bedroom doors,
Sweet, we’re only lovers for … and worst
But we never see each other anymore.
But we’ll never see each other anymore.

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