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Asgard's Shining - text

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Infinite space of the lifeless land,
Naked stones with the edge of ice.
Dead sphere of madness around
Just darkness, cold and loneliness.
Wearing hands down in blood,
Clambering up the rocks
To a lonely star,
Which will show the only way with it's illusive light
Where the abyss will embrace
The breathless body with darkness
Will sing the song about Eternity,
About the Unity of Spirit and Blood.
I'll see the light here, the shining of icy Asgard,
And force recognition will storm the veins,
Will give eternal rest.
Calmness, cold of consciousness,
Blood's desire, the the impulse of revenge
With my hand I will burn out the lands with flame of barred,
Covering the remains of mankind with ashes

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