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You brashly stole the innocence
That should have all been mine
Predatory animals
are punished for their crimes
Small towns hide the darkest secrets
All are accountable
Take your actions to the grave
The depraved act in full
From inside the serpent’s mouth
Come lies that must be told
To save that garbage from his grave
The unrelenting wolf
Stalking in the darkness he
Bared witness to the deed
Predatory animals
Grow hungry when you bleed
I see now that your well has run dry
Abuser, defiler, serpentine
Here I am at your door
Now it ends. Settle the score.
God’s will be damned
He did not see
What you’ve done wrong
But she, I believe
Cornered and still you’re fighting
Upon the precipice
Of your own undoing
Kneel before me

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