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When I was younger I caught a glimpse of fate
Above the water, flickering
So lonely it seemed, so fragile was its beam
In stormy waters, threatening
Churning tides keep me awake
While I’m still asleep
Can’t take my eye off the failing light
that floats upon the sea
But I won’t die, it isn’t my time
Here is a part of me
Up on the deck, ‘neath the failing light
sinking into the sea
There in the darkness, I felt it was too late
I saw my father swept away
Just like my lover, who slipped beneath the sheets
Into the water, rippling
Under the light that keeps me awake
Call out to the sea
That takes me in and holds me tight
But I cannot breathe
If the fates align, it isn’t my time
More than a part of me
Under the deck, submerged in the night
Carried away in the stream silently

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