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Cyberpleasure - text


It's cold and dark in the morning
All I see is an empty bed
She wasn't here
She spent the night outside
With someone else
I miss the heat of her body
Her perfume so sweet to me
Those caring words,
Those charming eyes
That gentle and deadly face

Why didn't I care about
The writings on the wall
Why didn't I listen to
What my friends kept telling me

My computer's running
And soon I'll be on the net
Don't need a girl, don't need no love
When salvation's on the web
Shall I find on there all the answers
Shall I find a piece of joy
When the feeling is good
I'll get into the mood
Ready for adventure again

I'm feeling strong now
Ready for hell and back
She's there in a shining light
On a cyber altar of sex

She's cyber love, she's my salvation
She's the only one who knows I'm here
She's on the line, she's my obsession
And I know that very soon
I'll bend on my knees

My sense awake, mi mind is clear
The tension's starting to ease

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