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Technofuneral - text


Image of despise
And the picture of hatred
I have blue blood
Pouring through my veins

Lies are full of you
I must fucking laugh
Take a step back
Get out of my life

You like to say that I am cunt
And yes, I have distorted mind
But there is one thing I know for sure
I am not the attention whore

I am not the hypocrite
Who likes to say different things
In front of person and behind it
You are all just full of shit

For your cum stained soul
For volume four and oh

For your cum stained soul
Get out of my face
I don't want to see you

There is one thing to understand
The foes will not give you a hand
Instead they will talk behind your back
Taking a bite into your neck

So just take a step aside
Or I will kick your fucking pride
Cause for this wound there is no stitch
You're gonna whine like little bitch

Bow before me
I am your fucking nightmare
Fall on your knees
I will ambrocate you

Your life is in my hands
You will get what you deserve
You will long to hold my cold hand

The only link to your (no!)

Text přidala KirmaLee

Video přidala KirmaLee

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