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New World Disorder - text


The lie told hundred times
Becomes the truth

Inert corpses
Rigidly posed
Watching us
With eyes full of ridicule

Their poison
Contaminated our lives
Their roots
Overgrew our pride

You believe
Cause there's no other choice
"Yes we can!
Change the world for ourselves"

The lies spoken
To fool the myriads
Dirty tongues
Lick the legs of justice

New World Disorder
Rise from the haze
New World Disorder
Now comes the end of days

New World Disorder
Suffer for what you created
New World Disorder
Idols crushed with hatred

When it is too late
You will cry and contemplate
When it is too late
I will spit and regurgitate

These blindfolds
Will never come down anyway
They are on your eyes
A blind prey

The lie told hundred times
Becomes the truth

Text přidala KirmaLee

Video přidala KirmaLee

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