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We walk across the land
Swords in hand
Awaiting the end
Of our journey
We shall face the
As we climb mountains
Walking again
Through a dark valley
And wanting to know what is it that we are dying for ... die for
We're close to our goal
Inside this wall
The key to every
Secret is there
In this black hole
I hear your call
Within my soul
And everywhere
Here in this place we'll find the answer to what we're looking for
Come to me now
Deliver me
I stand alone
In the shadow
Let me out
I am the one
Who knows the truth
So rise or fall
Open the gate
To reveal your fate
It's not too late
To change your path
Carved in stone
The past is gone
The play is done
Nothing to say
And as we walk our enemy is flying above the clouds
There's no water
In the river
Peace is over
War is coming
It seems clear
The end is near
And I fear
For everything I hold dear
And as we fight we sense the end has spread across the land
We will fly in a clear blue sky
From the reddish dawn to the darkest night
With warriors from ancient times
We will stop this war

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