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You crossed the raging seas and oceans
Spreading far his domination
Using many times corruption
Bringing more often destruction

I try to get rid of my chains
Feeling power into my veins
My will help me to kill my pain
All I give will not be in vain

The wand isn't enough for you
Everyday you ask for more
Spending my time and life for you
I can't go on anymore
Losing my soul fighting for you
I won't obey, never more

Sailing led by the morning star
A red sun shines over the land
Making me forget my scars
The road to freedom is opened

Today's whispers in the shadow
Will become screams of tomorrow
Winds of revolution will blow
On what you have and what you know

Don't you trust me? so let me show
How a breath can make a flame go
And from this light, fire will grow
Till everywhere you'll see its glow

Time comes when will resound my call
And together pushing your wall
Always stronger until its fall
Your reign will end once and for all
Losing my soul fighting for you
I won't obey, never more

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CloudRiders Part 1: Road to Skycity

Kerion texty

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