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Let me tell you a little story
About sci-fi and fantasy
Where swords of steel and sorcery
Meet guns and high technology
Let me open a little window
Connecting the past and tomorrow
Where what you trust and what you know
Meet the unknown as the winds blow
Let me show you a new little way
Between dream and reality
Where both prelude and journey
Meet in a sweet symphony
Le me reveal to you what is hidden
Beyond the blue, infinite sky
where, slowly, the gates of heaven
Meet clouds and stars as the sun dies
From the dawn to twilight
Higher than the sun
Farther than your sight
Starts this everlasting flight
From the day to the night
Over the ocean
Under the moonlight
Starts this everlasting flight
Let me whisper a little secret
About a world lost in space
About an old, mysterious place
That one has ever crossed yet
Let me give you a little advice
Jump on a boat, drop the hawsers
Go far to find all the answers
Let your mind be free, you will feel fine

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