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Who Rollin Wit Me - text

[Hook 1:]
I'm only copin the fresh kicks
Who rollin with me
I'm only spotted with the best bitch
Who rollin with me
I'm only hot with that West shit
Who rollin with me
Who, Who rollin with me
I only flow on the best beats
Who rollin with me
And if I smoke it's the best trees
Who rollin with me
I love a girl with a fresh weave
Who rollin with me
Who, Who rollin with me
[Verse 1:]
You know who Dom is, Leimert Park to the heart
Motherfucker ya'll niggas know what the time is
It's ya flyness, kids are so misguided
About Hip-Hop, but this here should remind em
Yup, this here should define em
A soul entity, it's soul in the beats
I'm cold in the heat, I'm so into me
Ya ho be, and you know I'm finna see
What's good with her, If I could hit her
I would have gave her the dougie shit if I could sit up (Huh?)
Nigga I wish I would give up
And let ya'll get the Grammy that I'm supposed to pick up
I'm in the best sneakers, With the best Divas
With no distribution, I make the West reach ya
This that next t-Shirt, with my face on it
Tell the truth ma, you love the way I taste don't it
[Hook 2:]
I only step in the fly shoe's
And signed me up for a size two
I'm a get a six forty five too
I only rock with my hat low
Let's bump this Nas and this Camp Lo
Turn it up let them Amps blow
[Verse 2:]
Man I'm LA's "Say Hey", fresher than 8th grade
Stop the beat one time they bringin back my Grey J's
I'm sharper than a tape fade
Seen round the way more than niggas in them fake Bapes
Excuse me miss are you a playmate?
Oh a video girl and you used to date Ray Jay?
Yea, that's that LA lay
Light skinned thick, shop at Boutiques and DaDa's
Sorry Cube it was a great day
I even take this chick from the Bay that work at SafeWay (Safe?)
Two magnums, did it the safe way
Thinkin back to when I used my radio to make tapes
But now everything they play safe, trap, crack, rap
Shit they gonna take it away Jason
So fuck the beef, power, and K day
Who rollin with me
Who rollin with me
[Hook 2:]
I only rock what you don't cop
Ten West and it don't stop
Skillz beatin, it's gone rock
I sit back and my chick drive
I like yours but this mine
It's top of the world this time
[Verse 3:]
Baby girl, is you rollin with me?
Let's pop it off, have a soda with me
Oh word, ya home girl when to Audubon with me
Myspace, got a photo with me
But don't got the photo with you
So I don't think you get the picture
I'm too sharp to be in Megapixels
My "Put together" be dead official
And I ain't tryin to just bed it with you
Argument's I would dread it with you
Matter fact if there's a ribbon in the sky
I gladly take a ride and go get it with you
I feel like a kid again, no bet, I wanna hit again
I'm just talkin shit again, Man, here go my shit again
[Hook 2:]
Number 9 with a Ice Tea
Let's stand in line for these Nike's G
Thank the Lord for Spike Lee
"Peace Out" to the West Side
From Accord's to S5's
I love four's with the meshed sides
[Hook 1]

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