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[Verse 1:]
Lord forgive me for this watch I bought
I know that shit had cost alot
And I don't really like to floss alot
But I just really feel the time is right
Shit we tryna live that finer life
You know that dolce and gabbana life
Lot of niggas in this club boi
I'm on some "need some new vagina" life
Lord forgive me if I'm losin faith
How many niggas we gon lose today
My nigga caso just got blew away
Sometimes I wanna move away
But you see that I choose to stay
I guess that prove it's safe
This stress shit got me losin' weight
But all I gotta do is pray
I pray that we gon make it safe
I pray that we gon make this cake
I pray you know that I ain't fake
I pray I see these iron gates
I'm prayin' to my dyin day [x3]
I be prayin' to my dyin day
[Verse 2:]
Lord forgive me if I fornicate
And yea I made some porno tapes
Sometimes I smoke some little Eigth
Sometime I have a little drank
And I ain't got much time to waste
These dreams I'm always tryna chase
Makin money off of rhymes is great
But when I'm out I gotta hide my face
Lord forgive me if I shyed away
I can't hear you when my mind is blank
My mom give me my common grace
And I'm handsome for my daddy face
Now I'm standin in my daddy place
Damn being a dad is great
I get to tell my son look
Don't be out makin yo dad mistakes

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From The Westside With Love II


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