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[Verse: SZA (Kendrick Lamar)]
They say the government mislead the youth, youth, youth, youth
(Tell 'em when you went to the park and everybody came back and...)
And welfare don't mean well for you, you, you, you
(What about when you tried to do a side for that but you...)
They tell me that my bill's past due, due, due, due
(Talk about the charge you got...)
And preacher man don't always tell the truth, truth, truth
(Do you believe in God? If you don't, it's cool)
[Segno: SZA & (Kendrick Lamar)]
(But) head is the answer, head is the future
Don't second guess yourself
(Don't tell them when you second guess yourself I need you in the kitchen now I forgot...)
Come on give me some help, yeah
Head is the answer, head is the future
[Bridge: Lance Skiiiwalker & SZA]
Don't second guess yourself
Come on, give me some help
And I just wanna
And I just wanna
Straight up
Eyes with my head
And I can't use some help
Straight up
[Outro: SZA]
Head is the future

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