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The Gates of Heavy Metal - text


We came from far beyond
the gates of heavy metal
Riding through hell’s road.
Tires burning out
The smell of gasoline as
the engine roars
It’s driving us crazy
machine’s on! Let’s speed!

Moving with the forces
of evil
We have the torque, the
power, and the wheels
of destiny
Shift on the sixth speed
the only way to win
against time
Heavy metal never cries
Heavy metal never dies

Speed makes us live,
Freed from this chained past
The metal that we give
Shall never be our last

Driven by fury, no time to
be forgiven
Faster than the flames,
harder than the steel
Echoes of the engine as we
turn the keys
Let’s burn the shit out
of those wheels

Text přidal paja65

Video přidal paja65

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