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Watch the moon and the stars
Coming out at night,don't fear
The dark but miss the light
You'll be safe just trust in god
Fly away,fly away and don't come back

Fly away and forget all problems
Drift away and don't lokk back
Plan the future and leave the past
Fly away and don't come back
Fly away and don't come back.

Feel the wind in your hair
And the sun on your skin
See the beauty in life and then colour it in
Just take your time and hold your breath
Fly away,fly away and don't come back.

Fly away....

And she saw people running
And people walking,people slowly
And people fast

And she thought where has the time gone
Or where is it going
And when will time stand still?

Don't hate yourself,for who you are
But built in faith and you'll get far
Just close your eyes,and take that step
Fly away,fly away,don't come back

Fly away...

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