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Scholarships 2 The Pen - text


Bury me a G I took the code at early age,
Life as a cook open the book and turn another page
I remember tryna make it selling cheap drugs
Didn? t have a father so I idolized street thugs
Jumping gates and ducking laws on a daily basis
At 17 I'm catching cases now I'm trading places
I'm dranking syrup, smoking weed nigga I ain't lying
But dirty piss will get you 6 months of da county time
I'm in a grown game pocket full of stones man
Just want some street fame so I can have my own name
Here come dat cory blunt he actin bad and comin down
Dats when I realized da real money out of town
It's seems like it took foreva just to get a brick
But crack cases and murder charges left the hood sick
I met my my nigga Steve showed me a different grind
Soon as I caught on they gave my dawg fed time
I got some guns but my mind is a betta weapon
I love da slap but on da cool it? s a bad investment
This hood game is pain and it? s a damn shame
This for my niggas in the ghetto who lost erthang

I'm from the streets that change boys to men
And when you graduate they give you scholarships to da pen
So please don? t spend yo whole life struggling doing wrong
Cause one day you here and the next day you gone [x2]

I pray to God and go to church but I still sin
These 84? s and dirty hoes got me all in
I know a click of niggas really I'm just sick of niggas
Cause it gets worse when you get on and u get bigga figgas
When I was broke and lonely I could hear them all bumping
But thangs done changed and all these fools think I owe? em sumn.
I got bout 10 homies doing double digit bids
For tryna take care of their families and feed kids
If you can look and listen you can learn a whole lot
I'm tryna stay free and miss out on getting shot
Get ya money man they gone judge you anyway
These niggas rite around you gone have some shit to say
But this America nigga best believe we all equal
The ghetto a lovely place for low self esteem people
I'm born and raised but I ain't tryna die up in da hood
I want my sons to know that daddy doing sumn good
Uncle reggie was a fool and he was slick as grease
But On his third time they hit with a twenty piece
This hood game is pain and it? s a damn shame
This for my niggas in the ghetto who lost erthang

[Chorus x2]

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Loved By Few, Hated By Many

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