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Put It In Reverse - text


Put it in reverse homie, change da gear
I'm buyin all new whips at da top of da year
I'm a mudafuckin G, did I make that clear
Nigga first I got they hearts, then I stole they ear
So come to Houston, Texas, see who really in charge
It's gon be a lovely sight when I lift da garage
Got da black on black nightmare, bad hoes gon stare
Haters on da sideline tryin get some bus fare
Married to da game, I done made these vowels
In da tinted Avalanche, tryna duck these laws
I'm a certified rebel, Nikes on da pedal
I'm racing up da highway takin steps careful
Lil Ke, Chuck T, is a whole nother level
26's on da truck, I call it heavy metal
Da flow air tight, da jewelry iced right
I gotta send pictures to da g's dressed in white, cause a

[Hook: x2]
1 for da cake, 2 for da bread
I do this for da streets and niggas and da fed
I'm married to da game, it's for better or worst
So you can back that bitch up, homie put it in reverse

Them hoes play neutral, suckas stay behind
Hater on da fist, playin both sides da line
Ain't never fallin off cause I can come right back
As soon as da work delivered I can move that pack
It takes a G to keep grindin, hustle til I die
A pocket full of stacks it's da apple of my eye
Screwed Up Click, and that's a small reminda
Cause it's dirty south bitch, this Texas to Carolina
Sweep da whole globe, big shots to Universal
Sixty minutes flat and do it with no rehearsal
Hit em with a punch line work that jab
Then I shift into reverse and go back to da lab
My mouthpiece so cold, but hot at da same time
Da streets goin crazy and they losin they mind
Cause it's all for da scrilla, I do it for da feddy
Chuck bring it back I don't think them hoes ready

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