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When you see me in the club, and I'm acting up
You'll be like (they go), oh oh oh buddy
When you see ma in the club, backing up
You'll be like (they go), oh oh oh buddy
When you see me in a Benz, with a bad ass chick
You'll be like (they go), oh oh oh buddy
When you see me at the telly, with your girl in my whip
You'll be like (they go), oh oh oh buddy

[Slim Thug:]
Oh buddy, here come the Slim Thuggy
Looking lovely, in the club on bubbly
It get ugly, when the Boss show up
Bartenders, know I'm bout to buy the Crys' and po' up
Fuck a glass cup, me and my niggaz got bottles
Mash on Benz throttles, and knock down models
Ghetto stars, all got at least six cars
The cleanest ones in the parking lot, that's ours
We got money and the power, respect and game
On the hustle so much, we expecting change
Been to a lot of big places, cause I got big faces
I do the kinda dirt, that'll get you big cases
(oh oh buddy), when you look at my piece
(oh oh buddy), when you look at my teeth
It's a shining pair, filled with diamond squares
Sometimes I think, all the cash I got ain't fair


[Bun B:]
Say mayn, I use to be last in line at the club
Now I'm V.I.P., I walk pass the line at the club
In my gator shoes, and my gator clothes
Demari and Izar, La Cast on you hater hoes
King of the underground, Bun ain't gotta remind ya
Sweat no brow, there's always one hiding behind ya
Little bit finer, with a lot of designer
Clothes in the closet, that blow you right out of my mind
Now baby girl, you already know my ear mode
Triple play party, in the backseat of the limo
You on one, but your girlfriend is on two
You want me and she want you, here's what we gon do
Oh buddy, I wanna entertain your company
Oh buddy, they chose eachother right in front of me
And then I'm going from one to two, and from two to one
Cause this here, ain't nothing new to Bun so


[Lil' Keke:]
Hit the parking lot swiftly, so nifty
22's spin on the truck, a 3-60
Get in the Lac Slim in the back, chrome leather wood in the gat
Covered in black, look at the mack
Oh buddy, sipping on some'ing muddy
Tasting so lovely, got's to be bubbly
We doing it pursuing it, you never ruin it
Lil' Keke the Don, representing for Big Unit
The H2, working the MP3's
Plus the 7-4-5, on the D-U-B's
We slab riding, hang gliding and all that
Voicemail picking up, call me right back
I'm on tour, probably dressed in Valore
All eyes on me, like I'm Tupac Shakur
The Dirty Dirty, getting all the loot
And it's one thang fa sho man, the Don the truth


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The Big Unit

Lil' Keke texty

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