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Yo 2003, this for my gangsta niggaz this for my gangstas
A product-dizzle, from Pimp Snizzle himself
This one's about my life man, you heard me
2003 it's none other the Young Don, representing Big Unit

[Lil' Keke:]
This is my life, for real that's how it go
Hustle to get my do', resco' and getting mo'
This is my life, on the real that's how it be
Everything bout cash, when you look at Don Ke
This is my life, with no time to play
And thangs is getting better, every motherfucking day
This is my life, I shed tears of joy
No matter the situation, put it down for my boy
This is my life, yeah the streets the truth
And my whole world rap, when I'm up in the booth
This is my life, the family depend on it
The only way to get it, my nigga you gotta want it

[Hook: x2]
When you see me in the streets, and my stock is up
Niggaz ducking start trucking, when my glock is up
This is Southside, look closer we leave your mouth wide
Killers drug dealers, for scrilla whenever we ride
Who ride, everything is thick
C.M.G./Big Unit, and the rest of the click

[Lil' Keke:]
This is my life, so I get it how I live
Even if, some motherfuckers gotta get killed
This is my life, and I love the mix
I can never ever pass, on that 13-6
This is my life, try to feel my pain
When my people on the block, still stuck in the game
This is my life, so who ready for war
I'm talking point blank range, busting shots in your car
This is my life, everything is equal
Hit the ghetto looking hard, for my gangsta people
This is my life, and the list is up
Right now's a good time, cause the bricks is up

[Hook x2]

[Lil' Keke:]
This is my life, you know the hustle's still in it
You get it while it's good, leave it 'lone in a minute
This is my life, so I really gotta reach it
Back of my mind, steady saying gotta be to keep it
This is my life, ain't no turning it back
Until a million c.d.'s, flying off the rack
This is my life, so who better for the job
27 years old, and I'm running with the mob
This is my life, and it's plain to see
That I'ma put away a platinum, while I'm fucking with Lee
This is yo life, and it could never be mine
And niggaz be falling short, on the real I ain't lying

[Hook x2]

Nod your head nigga, nod your head nigga
Nod your head nigga, uh-uh uh
Nod your head nigga, nod your head nigga
Nod your head nigga, uh-uh uh
Mr. Lizzle Pimp Stizzle, yeah what
Lil' Keke the Don, yeah huh what
Nodd Factor, C.M.G., Boss Hogg nigga what
Huh, y'all niggaz better get y'all shit ready
We taking over nigga, yeah that's right that's right
Yeah uh-uh

Text přidal Moonblade

The Big Unit

Lil' Keke texty

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