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Candy Red - text


Know I'm candy red, I'm on the scene
Know I'm sippin codeine (codeine)

[Lil Keke]
Apple red, brand new grind California Dream Boat
It's super nice, I sprayed it twice, I swear I got a mean coat
Pull up on the scene hot
Can't forget my green top
I'm down in Houston Texas, where them gangstas live their dreams out
S.U.C. another year
Drankin like it's Screw in here
We tippin broads and sippin barre, I'm trying to make myself, clear
Boys got to see me on the scene
They say "That young Don keep that mothafucka clean"
I'm out here like a king
Candy on the car
We on them double cups and drankin green labeled barre
They blow the blunt that sticky when they taught me how to hold
I turn the lane and do my thang that young nigga cold
Don 'Ke

Know I'm candy red, I'm on the scene
Know I'm sippin codeine (codeine)

[Mike D]
Boys don't know they shouldn't never let the Hogg loose
4 door [?] stretched out the [?]
Red turn heads but I come through, in that black thang
Lincoln on Gorillaz, they thankin I'm Fat Pat, mane
Body rock the [?] turn through the tray
Having it my way
I ball, sunny you gray
Live out the pen, still runnin them jiggas
Eight dollars a cooler, steal they drank nigga
Three summers later
Only question "Where the paper?"
Ain't talking bout a [?]
Real back, the whig on that old school monsta
[?] Aviators, ballin since a youngster
Tappin on that iPad, Yappin on that iPhone
Cup full of Big Moe
That kush got my mind blown
Yeah, I say that kush got my mind blown
And the game over cause the mother fuckin Hogg home

Know I'm candy red, I'm on the scene
Know I'm sippin codeine (codeine)

[Big Pokey]
Candy red top crack
'45 cocked back (That Lean)
Giving niggas the business, Bitch I'm about that [?]
Yo we stop that, I'm cleaner than a motha fucka
Crawlin under the strip, fifth leaning like a motha fucka
Hell yeah, I brought my swag with me
Bank roll, bad bitch in the jag with me
Head turning when you see me in the streets
Pullin up in sumtin exotic, the speakers on its feet
Square that up, sold the wall and hit 'em
Smash the pedal to the floor
Watch this motha fucka get off
I pull up on the scene
Got the whip, look at me
[?] traffic got the whip, looking clean

Know I'm candy red, I'm on the scene
Know I'm sippin codeine (codeine)

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