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Ain't Nothing Like - text


Oh baby, I love you girl
I love you, I feel like I'm alive

Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy

[Hook: x2]
It ain't nothing like, pussy
It ain't nothing like, the way the Southern playas ball
It ain't nothing like, rolling up in a candy Lac
It ain't nothing like, rolling with the top dropped back

I do it only one way, nigga the G way
Blowing my hair back, get my dick sucked on the freeway
Creeping in a slab, getting high in the city
Ma I'm bout to bust one, please take it easy
I'm not pimping girl, do what you do
Shit it's 2003, half you hoes like pussy too
I'm not lying, I got two hoes on my dick
I's a playa, I should never have to trick
City to city, hoe after hoe
I done fucked a gang of bitches, round the world doing shows
Your boy get pussy and head, without asking
I treat the Marriott, like the Playboy mansion
Ghetto Hugh Hefner, I got a gang of hoes
I'll have 'em pulling the sheets, and biting pillows
Ask your baby mama, if that boy Rock hit her
Left her mouth back, with nuts just like a sticker


[Slim Thug:]
It ain't nothing like pussy, dro and drank
I keep a bad bitch to hit, and a fat sack of stank
Grey Goose and that Grand, got the best of me man
We blew a half of that 'ghan, I barely can stand
On two feet, I ain't up I'm sleep walking
And I ain't said shit, nigga that's the sweet talking
Got these hoes stalking, trying to share that pussy hole
Keep walking, or get your pussy hole swoll
I go get it, leave a hobo litted
The Boss wreck it, have you signing off in seconds
I don't need no viag', just pass the chronic bag
And watch me show off, when I get in that ass
I got a glass of that Henn, for all my non-smokers
A ounce of that chronic, for all the green chokers
If you just say no, that's mo' for me
I got dro I got drank and got plenty pussy, pussy-pussy


[Lil' Keke:]
I need some super bad, 28-36
Understanding my game plan, is never be a trick
She's super thick, ain't got no time to waste
Keep the dick standing tall, keep nut in her face
They call me bad mouth, never losing respect
Cause I scar they knees up, while they jerking they neck
This for y'all, bitches and hoes I got it all
This the pussy the weed, the syrup or the alcohol
I could never fall, beneath a bitch I'm getting rich
I'm all about my pimp juice, no time to switch
Ain't that funny, I guess the bitch a play bunny
The pussy is free, you know the crack cost money
Between your thighs, you know the cock get built
I'm riding 600, you know the top is peeled
You fucking with me, you getting drunk off cum
Money pussy and weed, is enough for the Don

Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy
Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy


Text přidal Moonblade

Video přidal Moonblade

The Big Unit

Lil' Keke texty

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