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The Sleep System - text

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In this shadow world lies an ever elusive system
Integrated soul-assaulting matrix of deep sleep
Which evilly runs cyclically over the passing ages
Manifesting in chronic mass historical amnesia
Confusing acts of violence and war with acts of courage
Been exposed to this propaganda as minds deceived
The way we see things has been restricted to blind sights
The way we perceive truth has been distorted by trickery
Financial bondage of debts deter us from contentment
Offering passion of material wealth placed in perpetual loop
Where self is anchored deep in perishable belongings
Never finding the end on when this cycle would cease
Dogma detracts spiritual yearns to ones of fear and lust
Limiting the scope of grace within the confines of corporeality
Slave to plain achievements, goals set towards the superficial
Obsession with visible holiness, yet fail to identify real enemy
The realm of matter is nothing but a perceptual illusion
We have means to break free from its universal deception
Renounce dogma and propaganda, recognize what is in sight
Truth shall appear to expose lies and banish ignorance

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