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I was born in the place of the fear
With all the difference surrounding me
The only knowledge I got was so dark
"Satan is the only Lord", they said
Lived in darkness, served the serpent
Nothing that's good I had to follow
Committed all crimes, "do what thou wilt"
Something evil stored inside my head
Rose from the ashes of confusion
I did not know what the truth's about
For this I was charged of being guilty
Of all crimes against humanity
Something happened within my life
In my darkest hour, came to me
The light of Christ, real divine love
I felt ashamed of all I have done
Forgiveness I found, he gave me a new life
Knowledge of the truth open up inside
The devil might steal my youth away,
But now he cannot stop my will to be free
Satan never fulfilled his promise to me
He just invert all the truth
Now I have a chance to live eternally
In Christ, my soul has been freed

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