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Another year, another lesson to learn
Another task, another failure
Beneath these physical progressions
We've made one giant step of degradation
Reaching the point of no return
As this world falls beyond control
Should we call this "development"?
Or should we agree "it's a self-destruction"?
Time will no heal the wounds and scars
Through the ages that we've passed
The love we have is the love we deny
Where greed seems for mor appealing
Millions have died as the victms of wars
And the millions live under extreme poverty
When we try to find something to blame,
our fingers are pointing of ourselves
It is so unpredictable... suddenly alll drown so deep
Our world is now crumble
Crumbled-down withing a thousand year
Lord please forgive us, we are weak
Live this life so far away from You Way
Here we must face the consequence
So many years we've refused to seek the truth
Chosen to be under the influence...
...of ignorance
We've passed through the ages with greed
Creating all the profit-seeking systems
We built a tower withouth proper foundations
But now it's all too late as the tower falls...
This is what we are: helpless in our frustation
But yet I still hear the voice calling me back
I know I've wandered, so far away
From the pathway that is prepared for us
Everything changes
As we're approaching another millenium
But your love still remains the same
With the presence of you in our hearts
I believe, our love will survive

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