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A Real Life to Fear About - text

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Seeing the world, right from different angles
Happy as it seems, but it's not
Just take off its clothes, you'll see the fear
The fear I need to talk about right now
In reality, no place for pessimist
But a pessimist is sure a pragmatist
There's no use to fix the world
All we do to watch it falls
Self-help books are still selling a lot
A sign of us that desperately need aid
Religions rising rapidly (Rapidly)
into a state of irrationality (Irrationality)
Any chance to heal the world?
All we clearly see its fall
One war ends, another begins
You are crushed, yet life goes on
One piece of action
Ten pieces of reactions
Contradictions will rise
Waves shall emerge
Surrender to the system
is not an option!
Fear only makes us die
Hesitation kills our survival instinct

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