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The Only Light We See - text


Your suffering my call
This lack of will your fall

As time stands still you ponder more
There's no way out as your blood hits hits the floor
You've built this throne i've made you blind
Thoughts of changing you come to my mind

I have these other thoughts
That come to my mind
This feat so easily
Achieved to end your life with mine

Now you beg for your deprogram
Your tears begin to stain
This rope which holds you tight
My apathy now becomes your pain
This wood is old
And the floor's
About to go and the moon
The only light we see
I take a glance
As the clock begins to move
Now it's time
You must end your life
With me as we bleed
You take from me
My love so strong
This ascendancy

Your suffering my call
This lack of will your fall [x4]

I'm afraid of heaven
I'm afraid of hell
A child should not be
Subjected to images of these

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