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Flying Bass Kick [Feat.Mr. Nickelz] - text


Bass. Let the bass kick.

Get ready for the kick-off.
This is hardcore real deal no rip-off.
Beat down the track with a bat no Wiffle,
And I go hard like your girlfriend’s nipples.
Back to the basics let the bass kick
Like a face kick MMA shit knock-out.
Step in the club with a dub full of drugs
When the shit kicks in it’s crazy rock out.
Kick like a shot from a magnum.
Kick like a nigga trying to enter the dragon.
Kick like Chun-Li or Bison though.
Rap type constrict got a python flow.
I’m so high but the bass the down low,
And the beat keep kicking like its Taekwondo.
We be in the club with the black belts (super waist).
Hey Nickelz hey Nickelz that’s super bass.

Let the bass kick.

Higher than a space ship, bottles by the cases.
Loaded like some bases so mama let the bass kick.
Anything is possible, Step into the matrix.
Better watch your face b!tch when you let the bass kick.

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