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my darling baby now let's go to bed
but darling sounds like beloved instead
mummy ignores the lurking dread
sweet child of hers has twins in her head
twins in her head, twins in her head " I have twins in my head"
the bed was tucked there's no one around
wish i could move but my limbs are bound
the night is so thick and sweet mommy's gone
Afraid of the dark and the voices come.
The voices come (and my mommy's gone)
dollies and puppets dance on the shelf
Night-night me, night-night myself
pictures, voices and thoughts in whirls
Girlies kissing other girls and other girls
silent moans: "O mommy please help me!
kiss her no kill her can't help this uneasy
dolly mixture of feeling and shadows
anger and joy tension and sorrow
and everything blows
gingerbread bogeymen, void wedding dresses
dance in the trees giving cold kisses
legion of shades walk by the window
while winds blow the cries of weeping willows
she's the one to know
through the moonlit forest pale feet ran fast
trying to escape from herself aghast
the very last step was made to the river
where lily-white dresses (will) float forever
for ever and ever
everything hastened in the fake roundabout
poor little girl she found no way out
with lily white hands,
the dead dollies took her
and tied her to dreams for ever and ever
Gemini Girly came and said to me
don't you be worried, i lie with dollies
and they look after me
just like sweet mommy
used to care for me
used to care for me
and every fkkin night she comes in my sleep
every fkkin night she comes in my sleep
sweet Gemini Girly cries, Gemini Girly dies, Gemini Girly lies
her lily white dress shines
"deep deep down inside deep deep down inside
the river and mind, the river and my mind
down inside, river and my mind
the river and... my mind"

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