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At the Sunlight sanatorium - text

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The lady in furs appeared at seven
In the Sunlight Sanatorium garden
There were a child, an old man and a nun
All gathered together to breathe the sun
She had spent the night drinking and flirting
Needed to see a bit of misery
She had in mind to stop on her way home
At the famous Sunlight Sanatorium
The child:
“I’m always cold but the sun will cure my soul”
The nun:
“The sun is my real god, feel His kiss is my goal!”
The old man:
“All my life I’ve been bored, now the light fills my days”
The lady in furs:
“You are all blind puppets seeking help from fake rays...”
The lady took off her purple fur coat
Which was not to prevent her from the cold
It was to protect her skin from a sun
That could cause her complexion
There she was all naked in front of them
They looked all worried and a little stern
But she didn’t care, she was having fun
She had decided to replace their sun
The child:
“Get out from my sun, I need it to cure my soul!”

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