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There You Are - text


In the gentle wind
That blows through the trees
In the house of love
Where I fall on my knees
Fall on my knees

You make Your presence known
When I'm all al-one
Or on a crowded street
In every, stranger I meet

There You are when I need You
In the darkness still I see You
(Still I see You)
(Time after time)
When my spirit is sailing
And the world just keeps breaking my heart
Th-ere, You are

O-oh, o-oh o-oh

If I start to smile
You must be on my mind
When my heart goes wild
(I know)
I know who I'll find
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
If I'm standing t-all, whoo
Even if I start, to f-all
I know, that You stay close to m-e
‘Cause it's Your love I n-eed

In the best and worst
In the good and b-ad times
You are there
(You are th-ere)
I don't need to search
I can f-eel, Y-ou, everywhere
Y-eah, y-eah

O-oh, o-oh o-oh

O-oh, o-oh o-oh
Ooo yeah

If I'm st-anding t-all
Even if I start, to f-all
You said You said you'd stay close to me
When it's love (when it's love)
When it's love that I feel

On a mountain high
Even in a valley low
Th-ere, You are
Y-ou are my Shepherd
Even in my darkest h-our
Th-ere, You are
There, You are
There, You are
I say there, You are
There You are
Th-ere, You are
There You are there You are
There You are there You are

There You are there You are
Th-ere, You are

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