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I Wanna See Heaven - text


There are moments in this life
When it's hard to carry on
When I think about my mother

And all the loved ones that are gone
Friends and close relationships
Somewhere on the other side
They've passed into forever
But the love has never died

Sometimes this tired old world
Starts bringing my heart down
But you gotta bear the cross
If you wanna wear the crown
I often get impatient
As Father Time keeps dragging on
I've waded through the darkness
Now I'm ready for the dawn
I'm ready for the dawn

I want to see heaven
Where the faithful carry on
I want to see heaven
Oh Lord
I want to see heaven
Where the pain of sin is gone
In heaven
Oh Lord
I want to see heaven

As I read the morning paper
It hits me once again
We're surrounded by the evil
Of a world that's dead in sin
And the only sane conclusion
That my crazy mind can reach
Is to set my heart on heaven
And to live the things I preach

So I'm living every moment
As if this day was my last
Put my treasures where my heart is
And forget about the past
And if Jesus comes tomorrow
I'll be ready to depart
As He leads me to my mansion
I'll be following my heart
I'll be following my heart

I've tried to go the distance
But it's more than I can bear
They say there's no more crying
And no more dying there
I've held on to the promise
Who so ever will believe
Will have life that's never ending
I believe
I believe

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