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Andrew Lammie - text


At Fyvie's gate there grows a flower
It grows both broad and bonnie
At days the end amidst of it
Its name is Andrew Lammie

O give that flower within my breast
For the love I burn in body
So bright and merry I would be
And kiss my Andrew Lammie

Love I must go to Edinburgh
Love I must go and leave thee
She sighed full sore and saddened though
But augie lie though with thee

I'll buy my love a wedding gown
My lover bright and bonnie
But I'll be gone I aint looking back
How I love thee Andrew Lammie

Both times away so often whines away
I love to cake my body
And love could turn up my idle foot
And he took his asha off me

Her brother beat her wondrous sore
To the strokes they were not canny
An he broke her back in yon half door
For the vain An family

O mother go and make my bed
And lay my hat to Fyvie
For its that and lie and I will die
For the vain Andrew Lammie

Since he's come back from Edinburgh
To the bonnie house of Fyvie
He's turned his face to rim of peace
To work the turf his Annie

Oh East and West where'er I go
My love she always with me
Oh East and West where'er I go
My love she dwells in Fyvie

Oh its many is the time
I have walked behind
And never was I weary
But now is the time I must walk alone
For I will not see my deary

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