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Spiraling nights in the void
Weathered coat and a dagger
If I dream back my youth I can still hear you sing
A voice that will die on a mountain

And I fear that I've stayed here just a little too long

I had to go where you couldn't follow
In my weariness
I still hear you singing in my mind

And all the fortunes they took away

The shifting earth beneath us
The clouds at our feet
The sun was made a jewel
When at night it did sleep
Nothing to observe

Cast in a trench of fire
I can see the sky is a ceiling
And when my heart dies down
I am long gone on the fields of summer's green
Away from fall and famine

I am in every season
The one you have always known
Life did not reward you
So find your way to the river and let go

Text přidala DeathWish

Text opravila Forsaker

Videa přidali DeathWish, Forsaker

The Fall of Hearts

Katatonia texty

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