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Lurking in the Depth - text


The shapeless nightmare in center of Chaos,
Which abominable curls and boil in the heart of infinity,
In incomprehensible dark chambers out of time.
There, where do not reach out dreams,
Creations which in the ancient times poisoned conception of time,
Choking with white bones of endless generations.

Kaleidoscope of epochs is a moment of slumber for them.
You shouldn't even try to imagine their fragments of life to sabe common sense and soul.
Tormented by severe hunger they rush though deserted dimensions to other worlds and other starts.

Copulating with emptiness they erupt hords of poisoned shadows,
Raping our dreams.
Their spilling semen burns hungry black holes in space,
Devouring suns and galaxies.

Once the nightmare will find a way outside and becomes a daymare.
Gods will shudder in compassion to our reality in cause of such loathing is in her secret womb.

The ancient ones will rise and will be among us.
The champing repulsive paste of a living flesh.
The horror which is beyond all human representations.
Horror absorbing and disgusting mind, body and soul.

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Video přidal Sunrise686

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