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From deep bottoms of your hearts,
Like emotions gaping in darkness,
Darkness of blind eyes
And sounds of deaf ears,
We're screaming in dumbness,
We're defying your rules.
Looking forward in better days,
We see through the truth of a thousand lies,
Licking our wounds silently
Outside the gate of Heaven,
There's so many tears as it rains,
The end of a game is near.
Who rules here? Who's in charge?
We're holding the edge
But we are falling anyway,
Already running from experiments,
Unreachable to the gate of Heaven,
Why the fate hurts so much?
We're the fools of the lucky ones,
Hopping in the agony of spite
And looking up for mercy
We're close to undoing,
And we're feeling faint,
Falling inside beautiful black.
We'll wake up once, comes the time
When we'll resist your rules,
We're going to be heroes,
We're going to die for freedom,
It will be tonight,
Everyone believes in us.

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Poetry under the knife


Karolina S. texty

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