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Strong enough to continue - text

When your appearance seems to fade right now
And the air you breathe becomes air you choke
The more you can do is the less you know
And you mind remids you that death ain't no joke
As soon as your death becomes real
And blood pours from dress of a bride
You always thought you're the one who can heal
Yourself, as you thought you can hide
But the dream that you dream
Isn't worth what you feel
And the girl who shouted and cried
Wasn't the one who for you died
But the anger that brought you home
Did not belong to you at all
And the name that you screamed
Ddin't belong to the you dreamt
That you'll once meet
Don't worry, it's alright
Your screaming will be heard
The noise you made tunred day to night
Through night we fought, through the day we dreamt
We're strong enough to continue!

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Karolina S. texty

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