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Could you imagine world without dirt and ash?
World full of senseless goodnes
Where would you forever live in fear
That they could see trough your soul
Still hiding it,
Doesn't sham hurt you?
And now imagine world without dirt and ash
Where ruin smells sweetly.
That world smells like my fear
Which feed my nightmare
And trough this fear breathes beauty,
Beauty of monster inside.
Beauty of dreamless nights
Too dark for hope
Beauty beseeching death
To remain me strong
But I like my weakness,
I'm as weak as dreamless night.
Beautiful as old lies
So well-known for silent dream,
It lies on my mind
Throughout my weakness,
Now I must only die
And fall to the sweet abyss.
And now I'm just waiting
In my world of dirt and ash
I dream painfull silenet dream,
And just like nightmares of beaty
I'm yearning for your fear
And fallind to my end.

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Poetry under the knife


Karolina S. texty

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