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Let It Go - text

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Perfection's only a game and just for losers
Addicted just to the chase, you’ll be a user
But try and take it from me, I played and never won
Your life will get in the way and make you humble
Oh life will make you so tall before you crumble
No don’t go fighting the tide, you’ll always be outdone

And though the rain falls outta the sky
Without a rhyme or reason why
Nobody says you gotta be dry
Let it go, let it go, let it go
And when the wind blows outta control
You gotta go with, go with the flow
Cause where it’s blowing nobody knows
Let it go, let it go, let it go

Some jokes are better when standing at a distance
So you can laugh with the rest without resistance
No don’t pretend that you’re safe ya life has other plans
Before you know it you find the joke is on ya
You gonna fight it or roll it off your shoulder?
Just take a minute and wait you gotta understand


Never perfect the perfection
Life is meant to fail
Never forget your direction
Keep an open sail

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Inside Out

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