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I got the courage to fuck with hell
Goin’through the gears I rave
It’s blowing hard through the windows
And through my mind
All around scenery’s flashing by
Nothing left but wind in the sails
Nothing left but white rage under the veil
Chorus :
To crash, cleaning up from stains
To crash my way through the pain
My engine’s roaring, wheel’s going mad
Takin’me far away, miles away
Empty bottles clinkin’under the seats
I’m gettin’high but who enven cares?
I’d rather let it beyond any control
As a crazy falcon divin’onto its prey
As an idiotic Christ, laughing while people pray
As the dashboard covered with blood
Right in front of me
A new road’s open, better this way
Winds are calming down, silence at once

Text přidal paja65

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