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You know I want
I want it so bad
I can't control it
Can you take that
Now boy you ready or not
You better keep up, you gotta keep up, up, up, up

I need your touch on my skin
I want it tonight
Tell me your secret, I'll keep it
And you can have mine
So put your hand on your heart
And I'll do my part, and I'll do my part

Baby all we got is right now
I know we're gonna make it somehow
If even only for just one night
Chasing butterflies, butterflies
Holding on until the sunrise
Kept alive by the moonlight
Never thought that we could get so high
Chasing butterflies, butterflies -- chasing butterflies

The music's fuel to the flame
Our motivation
We're calling out to the world and to every nation
Let's come together as one -- now we can make it
Yeah we can do it

Because tonight we run it just like we own it
Yeah tonight we get it just like we want it
Go with the lyrical flow
It's time we get low, it's time we get low

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Butterflies - Singl

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