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Silent and frail i stand and watch
The sands of my life drifting down
I can't deny being blessed
Yet still there is so much pain

Look in my eyes! can't you see the yearning
Beneath them is the desperate cry
For a freedom of this shell
Of solitude and silence

Life is capable of such beauty
But my hollow heart is only filled with dreams
With emptiness comes oppression
And so the beauty does fade
Deposed from the throne of my inner temple
A stunning lust is gnawing my soul
The senseless carnal desire
Is making me so weak

I long for a way to escape these emotions
I need the force to break out from my shell
But the shade it comes on so strong
And it seems to be out of my control

Would it not finally be a time to burn,
O dying flame of my heart,
Is it not ever going to be my turn
To feel you ablaze with love

Would it not finally be a time to burn,
O dying flame of my heart,
Only your warmth can help me learn
Which is my path to go

Laying my hopes on the justice i know
Holding on to my dreams no matter what life shows
I still do have the strength to believe
Some day in my life i'll gain an eternal relief

Until this salvation i can just heed
Glimpses of joy that this life brings
Praying for the dawn of a better day
When the flames of my heart will burn all the pain away

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