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Caught under the feet
Of a world crumbling down
I witness the confusion
Of the children trampled to the ground

Measured thru my faith
I'll reveal my core to you
I'm no dreamer, no blind believer
I am but after the truth

Would you believe if i told we're free
In and after life

With something to give and a reason to live
Us, the lost mankind
Wouldn't you doubt it if i told you about
A place free from strife
Beyond the scene there's a world we don't see
Laying shallow and blind

While the season's changing
Many bounties have been shown
From a soil once so barren
Wisdom's fruits have grown

So i'll leave the past behind
And you, the lost one,
I welcome into my newfound
Orchard of the things above

Take them away, your confusion and fear
I'll then take your hand
We'll fill our minds with those fruits divine
And you shall understand
Taken away is the shade of past days
All woe left behind
Them we have fled, to the garden we tread
The orchard deep inside

Fall, o shades, lest ye shroud the soil
Covering our minds from the dawning paradise

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