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I am your king and your friend
Listen to me and will be free
Now is the moment to let you know
My plans for the future and for my "son"

This day is great for the land
Children of Kaledon claps your hands
Daeniel will be your new great king
Now with this sword the ritual start

It's the sword on the shoulder, and your destiny is here
You will became the new lord of the mighty land
The people scream your name in the dusty air
Kaledon's new king will be the strong wandering

The dragon flies in the night
The investiture has been made
And in the land the people going crazy

Now the wicked king is dead
The evil lost his revenge
The glory of kaledon now is near


When I will die the chair of a king
Will be reverse to you, my dear friend
I'll leave my reign and my subjects
You are the heir, the heir of the king

An heartly welcome to "my son"
Subjects of Kaledon today we'll win
The power of evil Azrael
Stand and fight for the last point


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