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I remember,
When you were the witch of Carnagus
But you were
And the flame was alive into you… into you…

Hidden so in your soul
Azrael didn't even know
When we are crossed our looks
An ancient fire inside us

The saving force is the love inside
The rising light from the darkness
The hidden ways of the great design
The rising light from the darkness

To the love
All is clear
We have found again a memory
We would have
Had to fight
You would have had to kill me…to kill me…

But destiny was different
And all the chains have been broken
You have braved the ancient forces
Love has built the bridges for us


Solo : Alex


And the flame has blazed
And you are burnt
And risen from the ashes
Like a rising star
And you have become a legend
The Queen of the Sun
Goodbye my sweet Lady
Goodbye my Love…

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