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After the fall, the second fall
Carnagus fails and we catch him
We must complete the plan of war
And put the end to the reign of dark

Big swords and shields, arches and arrows
And heavy armors, to kill forever
Know we must fight for forces of light
The dragon with us for mighty revenge

Fight together to kill the evil and to bless this black land
The glory will starts, the glory will come
In the name of our kingdom come

The evil's master now is in chains
Into his castle now he must die
His skeleton throne is troop round
The fire of revenge is in the air

Soldiers of kaledon, Daeniel's men
They watch the black throne, supervising
Carnagus eyes is looking around
But nobody there's for helping him


Ehi….Carnagus, your game it's failed
Your plane of war it was dethroned
Daeniel and me we are the light
And with the light, the night will leave

Kaledon wins for his mighty sons
Valley of the death now will be blessed
The light becomes, the light will be rise
And will return to shine in the sky


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Video přidal DevilDan

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