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Warrior ft. Protoje - text

We deal wid enlightenment and spritual awakening
As well as lyrical ability

Selassie I
Yea man fi di warriors enuh
Yea yea yea eeeee

Yea yea, man a real warrior today
Warrior tomorrow same way
Man a real warrior today
Tomorrow we nah go stray
Man a real warrior today
Warrior tomorrow same way
Man a real warrior today
Tomorrow we nah go stray

Man a survivor black version of McGuyvor
Fi di people dem weh a cry Jah, 9 a
Say mi a mi owner designer, Lina
True Jah Selassie-I forever
In a dem yah time yah
Oneness I and I apply fa
Deep inna meditation mi tek a dive yah
Link Bobo Hill, Orthodox and Twelve Tribe yah
Dem ting deh people fi remind of

I and I nuh have no fear yah
Black version of Guevera
Point the direction dem a steer yuh
The truth we afta and we can't falter seh Kabaka
Hold the order play the part ahh
See dem come fi slaughter di yutes
And alter the truth
En-capture the sprits And enrapture recruits
When a actually the you determine the action the moods
Definition of a warrior fi true
Message we a carry yah fi use
History a di brother dem abuse
Take a step inna dem shoes
Were you deh deh man?
Morant Bay rebellion
Calm before the storm with yuh lass inna you palm

Ina these last days wid Babylon mi haffi part ways
Trodding the valleys and the path ways
See seh dem endorse hate
Fi mi life dem wah fi gamble like a horse race
Heart racing, when mi start lace up mi boot
Wid no fear
Just a cold steer
No scissor no comb hair, No shair
No sleep at times, hungry belly till we weak at times
So mi people can have peace of mind
But this peace of mind is very relative
Dem wah fi tek a piece of mine and sell wi relative
When we combined dem see how dread it is
Cutting off we enemies energies, yeah

Man a real warrior today
No, no, no
Man a real warrior today
This is for my warriors, Battle field warriors
Protoje is a warrior
Kabaka Pyramid is a warrior
Zinc Fence
For my warriors

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