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Madagascar - text


Take control!
Feel the energy!

We are spending our life
You and me
And your friends and my friends
And my friends so come on
We´re going walk the waltz
And the music plays sooo loud
And night will be our at all.

So get ready for the Madagascar!

We are spending all our life...
...I like to move it, move it
We´re gonna walk to walz...
...I like to move it, move it

This, we met at a zoo station
We´re going there tonight
This life is like the lines
We own the night
Oh, we are the king of the jungle
Everyone knows
When sun goes down we rambo
Everyone concordes
This, we met at a zoo station
Just call there
We´re going there tonight
Cause we are the kings of the jungle
(We´re going there tonight)

Catch the voice!

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