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When I was a kid growing up I thought I was invincible…, indestructible; something like a super hero. Despite the villains and the foes…, it didn’t matter, I stayed under control. Even now as a man I’m faced with the same situations. Like the weight of a whole nation…, is making me fall backwards. So I use the same tactics when I was a kid. To combat the evil and the hate I put on my super cape and fly away. Uh oh!
(So bad)…, that’s how we people act. (So sad)…, all we know is imperfection and it last for someone a whole life time…, but I come to find we have a connection. So why do we always disagree? We make our close friends our enemies. To our enemies we become their prey. So let’s make a vow. Here is what you say:
“I won’t let people get the best of me. I’m a spread my wings, watch me fly away. I will rise above all these haters like a super man because I can…, fly away. Fly away. I got super powers and I won’t be devoured. Fly away. Fly away. Stop me you could never because I’m the strongest ever”.
(So glad) my life is positive. (No one has) been more supportive than my people. I’m doing this for my kids. My family we keep it tight. We don’t need no negatives. Still I encounter them. The world got problems. Like a super hero go and handle them. Put on that super cape. Watch me shoulder shake all these haters off. Here is what you say:
I got to fly away where haters can’t penetrate. You got to rise above even if you ain’t getting love and if you feel like you’ had enough…, when the going gets rough, just get tough and you gotta say, “up, up and away”. I Gotta fly.

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