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10th Avenue - text


Woke up, everything was going right til it wasn’t
Clumsy spill my guts, brain works just fine til it doesn’t
What constitutes enough, wanna get my mind straight buzzin
Life’s like extra tough when you don’t got time or a husband
Mostly sober days but I get real baked on occasion
Breakfast poker raise I’ll see your eggs a side of bacon
Find me on my face, a load of fiction is what I’m taking
I mean honestly would you like me more draped in an apron
Hauling all my shit down 10th ave in a rollerbag
Following the good times how can you say no to that
Taking all my troubles pack em in a soda can
Caring what some prick thinks homie I am over that
My mother says I’m gonna be great someday
But come to think of it I would rather bide my time and waste away
Hibernate, wish I believed in God it’d sure be nice to pray
Suddenly it’s my fucking job to bullshit on the mic all day
And I’m no Kanye Barry Bonds only hits I am making are ones on a bong
But not for too long, rather be drunk with the meaning of life on the tip of my tongue
Further than gone, dropped the baton, burning my bra in a pile of chiffon
Who do I love? well not anyone, take my hot dog on a poppy seed bun
Frightened cause I got a lot of people counting on me
And I’m talking like an asshole, walking like a zombie
See I heard a bunch of jokes but I couldn’t find them funny
Now I’m hanging by a thread of an untied bungee
Real sunny well I’m kinda like the opposite of that
I’m always good but it’d be nice to have the option to be bad

Text přidala Katygrassi16

Video přidala Katygrassi16

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