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Speed It Up - text


Oh when an object is set
Into motion, it connects
With all the energy in space
So its essence in effect
Is directly tied to forces we apply
And that is why
You feel my vibe
As though my syllables are

Atomic consequences
Of the sentences I utter
I'm a spokeswoman
Hip-hop type of Sally Struthers
But my product is the outcome
Of my mental situation
Ideas out the box
And not a profit's what I'm making

Words that leave my mouth
Originated in my dome
Bounce back like a boomerang
Headed straight home
To the axons
Packed in my matter all grey
Synthesizing and comprising
What is me all day

The circuitry reverses
So that what was first is last
Information overhead
Is now read on the underpass
And it's blasting
From your cortex to your class ring
Abstruse architecture
You're asking

Convoluted rooted
Gettin' booted from the mainframe
Overlapped double checked
Shit with the same name
Stasis homeo
Homie yo we maintain
Dendritic metaphysics
Brainwaves take aim

Now it's at the level
Where it's difficult to tell
If everything that's happening
Has a meaning as well
Imbued with in its context
Next thoughts on deck
Matched with the cross-check
All the wrong

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